Spotlight On - Nor-Folk

This month's SPOTLIGHT ON features Bobby Burragefounder and creative director of The Click, an independent award-winning branding consultancy. He is also one half of the creative partnership behind graphic design-led lifestyle brand, Nor–Folk along with his wife Fiona. Bobby and Fiona live in a converted factory apartment in Norwich with their three year old son, Stanley. 

We love Bobby's cool, understated eye for style and in this series of images Bobby takes his 'James' satchel and 'Elwood' backpack out to work and to play cleverly demonstrating how these perfectly practical, unisex styles are the ultimate accessory for style conscious Dads.

Bobby says of TIBA + MARL

“The idea of having to carry a changing bag with pictures of teddy bears or brightly coloured patterns all over it makes me shudder. Just because I’m a ‘Dad' doesn’t mean I have to give up on my image completely. After all, being a creative is a lifestyle choice – not just a job. My backpack has the same amount of nappies, Sudocrem, toy trains, jigsaws and half-eaten items of food as the next parent. The difference is, when I zip my bag up, I’m just a normal guy, with a bag. These bags are of such high quality and benefit from carefully considered compartments, pockets and accessories. Whether it be a dinosaur and digger or laptop and hard drives, these bags do the job”

James McDonaldComment