Spotlight On - Caleb Dobie

Our SPOTLIGHT ON for June features fashion model Caleb Dobie, and his insanely gorgeous 7 month daughter Maliyah Storm. Caleb takes our exclusive Selfridges Black Mesh Elwood backpack (sold out for now but due back in August), to our favourite Brutalist location in London, Barbican. Photography by Kane Layland.

I’m always on the go and I’m not a massive fan of buggies... I like to just put Maliyah on my chest then go, so using a rucksack is convenient, comfortable and perfect for me. It fits everything in and looks cool, and I like that it also comes with a few things inside like a portable changing mat/ bottle holder. I take it everywhere with me when I have Maliyah. 
— Caleb on Tiba

29 year old Calebs' modelling career has spanned more than 6 years and he has been shot for multiple major magazines titles, including Vogue, I-D, Dazed and Wonderland - but his personal career highlight is being shot and published by super stylish and cutting edge Noctis Magazine along with his daughter Maliyah in a series of contemporary images juxtaposing fashion, family and street style that completely encapsulate Modern Fatherhood.

Creatively motivated within his career, Caleb is known for being selective with the brands he will associate with, preferring to work alongside innovative, contempory products and prolific, pioneering magazine titles and photographers.

Fatherhood has given Caleb a new direction and drive in his modelling career with a leaning towards working collaboratively with his daughter for future shoots - in his words 'Nothing can really come close to being published with your 7 month old daughter. When I see pictures of me and her published it made me feel emotional. I have Maliyah to thank for everything'.

Anna McDonald