In The Bag - Sonny Brahma

We talk to freelance graphic designer, blogger & creative enthusiast, Sonny Brahma and ask him what essentials make their way into his go-to BLACK RAF WEEKENDER

"Born & bred in Manchester, I'm now living in Leigh-on-Sea with my wife Jazmin, our French Bulldog Pepper and of course the main man Otis! I’m a big fan of the latest tech, gadgets and street fashion. Think Hypebeast meets fatherhood! After initially stealing my wife's CAMO ELWOOD BACKPACK , the Tiba + Marl RAF WEEKENDER has now become my gadget/gym and Otis bag. I recently started documenting my Journey as a father with Otis, while running a business and trying to get fit again @otis_lyfe.

Money Box Robot

Not only do they look cool but they double up as a toy and a money box, I’m going to get 2 more for Otis, each one is going to be labeled “Saving,” “Spending” or “Sharing.” Every he receives money, he has to pick a box.


Wooden Blocks

Its one of the first toys we bought him, being a graphic designer they really stood out to me, and they are individually hand made and painted, I have to teach Otis is name. These were perfect.


Noodoll Ricehawking Plush Toy

Whats there not to love? It’s become one of Otis’ favourite little comforters. We’ve become addicted to starting a small collection for him.


Snuglo Hip Hop Bib

We met the guys at the baby show while Jaz was pregnant, I love the bold statements and it’s my favourite music genre. You have to tech them young.


Bose Soundlink Mini

Otis loves music, we have daddy and Otis music hour every morning, and when we’re out about this perfect little wireless bluetooth speaker on the move.


DJI Mavic Drone & Sony A7II Camera

My work tools have now become a valuable tool in documenting our life. A picture paints a thousand words, and I never want to miss a moment of Otis growing up.


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