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Fashion Stylist and Beauty Director, Gemma Rose Berger and Samantha Silver - AKA - 'This is Mothership' take us through the essentials items you'll always find in their TIBA + MARL bags. Combining their joint love of fashion, beauty and babies Gemma and Samantha created 'This is Mothership' as a style destination for busy mama's. An early adopter to trends, Samantha was one of the first people to buy a leopard print Raf Weekender back when we launched in 2015, whilst fashion-lover Gemma's go-to T+M bag is the pink Elwood... Here's what's 'In The Bag':



Pink Elwood

Little Hot Dog Watson Kids Sunglasses

Belle gets FOMO whenanyone has sunnies on so I need to keep a pair for her in my bag at all time! We love this brand. SHOP HERE.

Pampers Wipes

We use them for EVERYTHING. Wiping down the kids, wiping off old lipstick from our lips, cleaning our sunnies from smudged finger marks. SHOP HERE.

Susan Caplan Earrings

These are always in my bag in case I need to full put together. Subtle enough for the day time, but statement enough to make me look like I've made an effort. SHOP HERE.

Red Lipstick

Our go to is Smashbox as it stays put all day and make us instantly look alive, even after 5 hours of broken sleep. SHOP HERE.


Leopard Raf Weekender

IKEA food storage bags

Come in loads of colours and great for storing stray snacks, stopping water cups with dodgy lids from spilling everyone, keeping tiny plastic toys in one place, shoving wet clothes in etc etc basically bags of joy for a parent. Keep a stash in your bag. SHOP HERE.

My Le Spec Sunglasses

Cheap and chic: hide all manner of late night sins and doesn't matter if your kid grabs them and pulls them out of shape for £30. SHOP HERE.


Bobby Brown Face Touch Up Palette

Amazing for mums as it has all you need in one slim palette:  good mirror, concealer, corrector and foundation. SHOP HERE.


Ella's Kitchen Biscuits (in resealable packet)

We get way too overexcited over reseable packets as it means less crumbs rolling around at the bottom of our bags. SHOP HERE.


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