In The Bag - Sarah Akwisombe

January's EDITORIAL shines a spotlight on Sarah Akwisombe; award winning blogger, interior stylist, founder of the No Bull Blog School and SS17 Tiba + Marl look book model!

Design, travel, technology, colour and detail obsessed Sarah has amassed a cult following through her eponymous blog - and has recently featured in high profile campaigns for eBay and Air Bnb.  Mum to 5 year old Marley, and wife to Jason aka Life of the Dad blogger - this is one seriously stylish family with an equally eye catching home that in Sarah sums up as  'Kinda like Betty Draper wearing Nike Air Max'...

We take a look inside Sarah's camo Elwood backpack to see what's 'In the Bag'.......


I love T+M! Not only are the bags uber cool (no frumpy mum change bags in sight) they are so practical inside and have space for everything, from keeping a smoothie cool to storing my laptop. Nothing beats it!
— Sarah on Tiba

Olympus pen EPL8

I carry my camera everywhere. I love the olympus because it's dinky and you can change lenses on the fly. You can also wifi pictured straight to your phone which is perfect for doing instagram updates on the go. 




Kite 'otto' glasses

I always have a pair of glasses in my bag. I have a few from Kite that I swap depending on outfits but these are my go to. First of all, they're gold so you know, and secondly because they have a really simple 70s shape that tends to work with most things I put on. 




Clas Ohlson mobile charger

I wouldn't be able to get through most days without this little life saver! It does 4 full charges of my iPhone 6+ and it's a bargain. I don't know how people without mobile chargers survive.




Liquid lipstick in 'billionaire' from MDMflow


I love this brand - it's run by a friend of mine Flo, who used to make everything by hand until people like Lena Dunham started wearing it on instagram and it blew up. She has fab colours and they work on all skintones. I'd always rather support indie businesses than big corporates! This one is named 'billionaire' which is perfect for me ;)




Citrine tumblestone crystal


I will usually have some kind of crystal floating about in my bag. They vary depending on whatever I feel is important to focus on at the time. Citrine is meant to be good for abundance so I try and keep a little tumblestone in my purse to bring me all the dollar! It's also nice to play with whilst you're travelling about or feeling anxious. 




Elon Musk biography


I always have a book on the go. At the moment I am listening to this biography of Elon Musk. It's interesting to hear about how he thinks so big and nothing is impossible to him. Inspiring stuff. Reading is the key to life!


Anna McDonald