T+M x Binibamba

TIBA + MARL announces limited edition collection in collaboration with Binibamba

We’ve partnered up with British brand Binibamba to create two limited-edition 100% merino sheepskin liners. Using our ubiquitous signature colour black – and adding our new colour addition from our SS19 bag range, soft grey – this modern take of the traditional sheepskin buggy liner was designed to keep your baby toasty in winter and cool come summer thanks to their natural thermostatic powers. Hand made in England, and suitable from newborn, these contemporary liners also look amazing as rugs and styled on contemporary arm chairs!


Emma Grant, founder of Binibamba takes us through the process of creating these beautiful modern take on sheepskin liners, using traditional techniques by dedicated craftsman….. 


“The artisanal process of creating sheepskin liners hasn’t changed much in centuries but sadly, very few tanneries now remain in the UK. Firstly, the tanning process uses water from a river local to the makers. After the sheepskins are initially scoured they are washed and soaked before being rinsed and then washed a further couple of times and soaked overnight in the wooden vats which haven't changed in centuries.


Then it's over to the metal vats to be dyed using natural wool dyes. All colours are bespoke to BINIBAMBA and the recipes for these dyes are created by the skilled colour technician at the tannery.


They then make their way to giant drying machines to be spin dyed and then stretched back to size. Then it's off to the buffing machine to have their backs buffed to give a lovely sueded back - all of this is done by hand and then it’s into the queue for the ironing machine. Each skin is fed by hand into the machine which has a combing effect and essentially straightens their hair making it silky and smooth then onto the clipping machine (again each skin fed through by hand) and they have their hair cut to a uniform length suitable for our Snugglers. They are clipped at least 4 times to get a perfect length & finished.


There's a huge amount of craftmanship and skill that goes into the entire process and much of the process is done by hand and is hugely time consuming. Throw in the natural variation from sheepskin to sheepskin and it makes for a very complicated manufacturing process but it’s this natural variation that makes each and every sheepskin totally unique & is part of the beauty of sheepskin as a 100% natural, hypoallergenic & thermostatic material.”


Thanks to our videographer Sarah @instaweddinguk and our beautiful family Gawayne, Katie and Grace.

Anna McDonald